Hello! I’m Boney. Nice to meet you.

I am a Product Designer with 6+ years of experience in SaaS, Enterprise, and Cloud. Previously I was leading design at PickleAI (YC21), helping the team find product-market fit, and building the product from 0 to 1. 

At IBM, I was designing experiences for developers and software architects at the IBM Cloud, Data & AI design group. I am skilled in all aspects of user-centered design with a penchant for complex problems, systems thinking, and data-informed design. 

Have a look at my case studies.

Improving the login experience

Using data-informed design to optimize the login experience in IBM Aspera on Cloud.


Designing an upgrade experience

Enabling our customers to upgrade their IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Servers with minimum downtime sans any handholding.

Here are a few other projects I've worked on at IBM and before...


A toolkit for all enterprise integration needs.


The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration brings all products in IBM’s integration portfolio as one unified & seamless experience. It spans API lifecycle management, application integration, enterprise messaging, event streams, and high speed data transfer.

As part of a 20+ team of designers from various integration products, I was the lead for all things Aspera - IBM’s high-speed transfer service. In addition to facilitating and driving design thinking workshops with product & engineering teams to identify goals, personas, use cases, and user stories, I was contributing to design principles, concepts, and components for the Cloud Pak's core experience.

Transitioning from one app to a platform


With the vision of bringing the best of Aspera's high-speed data transfer capabilities to the cloud, we set out to transform the legacy ‘Aspera Files’ app into a platform. This new platform, called IBM Aspera on Cloud would have 4 applications, two of which were still in the early stages of planning. 

My job was to design a scalable and easily relatable conceptual model and information architecture for the admin interface. Everything from inheritance models, settings, roles, permissions at multiple levels to managing users, and resources had to rethought and designed. And did I mention that we had to be backward compatible, ensure parity, and the core APIs couldn't be tweaked much! 

Two months after its launch, over 400 customers and ~ 25K users had successfully migrated to the new SaaS offering.


Content management - Folders in Aspera on Cloud

IBM Aspera on Cloud is a content collaboration and file-sharing solution. We had identified major usability issues based on CIF tests and customer feedback. I teamed up with the UX researcher to deep-dive into competitor products that influence user mental models and behaviors, specifically around private, shared, and team folders in Box, Dropbox, G Drive, and Citrix ShareFile.

We followed up with a UX audit to identify gaps, delivered design solutions, and recommend a product strategy for addressing the admin's experience of planning, creating, and managing folders. 

Identity and access management 

I worked on a range of tickets related to user management. These included creating users, attaching identity providers, rolling out IBMid, roles & permissions, managing different types of users like standard & external collaborators and user policies.

Improving the trial experience 

As part of deeper integration with the IBM ecosystem, we had migrated our provisioning engine from in-house to the IBM marketplace. Trial users were now getting different emails from various sources like billing, provisioning, welcome emails from IBM & Aspera, marketing, etc.

I worked on consolidating and streamlining the welcome, transaction, and nurturing emails sent to trial users to increase digital conversion. I also collaborated with the content team to craft in-app tutorials targeting new Admins. We also worked together to identify and publish best practices for common deployment scenarios.

Data-informed design practice


Charles, our UX researcher, and I worked together to drive and operationalize a data-informed design practice at IBM Aspera. From vetting a design ticket to measuring the impact of the design, we tried to leverage user behavior analytics and data from our product backend databases to inform our design decisions and research.

Our go-to tools were Redash for backend databases, Amplitude for behavior analytics and Walk me for session playbacks. We started a pilot to integrate 'data-questions' in our Jira workflow for designers to request data or metrics related to the ticket. This could also be used as a benchmark to measure and document impact. One of our long term goals was to create a pipeline that combines the different data sources and bring down the barrier to access by using visual tools like Tableau or IBM Cognos

Tiny copy, big impact


Microcopy is responsible for shaping a generous portion of the user experience. I teamed up with Katherine from the documentation team to implement a framework in place for increased and early collaboration between our teams on microcopy. We tried different tools, interviewed designers & writers, tested out processes, and ran pilot programs to identify what worked best for us.

I co-presented a talk on microcopy and our process at a ‘lunch-n-learn’ session to evangelize its importance and business value.

Aspera Analytics


IBM Aspera Analytics is a beta cloud-based tool for analytics, visualization, and reporting. Users can upload file transfer logs to view trends and summary statistics, troubleshoot transfer performance, and analyze content and resource distribution.


During my 3 month internship, I worked very closely with engineering and product teams to identify use cases and understand the domain to transform information contained in complex transfer logs to interactive visualizations.

 My work laid the foundation for the development of a visual troubleshooting tool at Aspera and later, evolved into the Activity app in IBM Aspera on Cloud. I was offered a full-time position based on my performance. 

Order food for your train journeys


YatraChef is a real-time marketplace that allows train passengers in India to order food online. I was hired as a consultant to redesign the food ordering experience for desktop and mobile. YatraChef was acquired by RailYatri.in on 2018

Feel the pinch when you spend!


Money is no longer a tangible object that we feel, see, or hold on our own hands. As modern transaction mechanisms like credit cards and digital wallets become ridiculously easy and effortless, the capability to keep track of how and what we are spending becomes more and more difficult.


My capstone project - Encash, explores the idea of bringing back the 'pain of paying' to digital wallets like apple pay & google pay.

Thank-a-teacher week


I designed and developed a web app to collect, filter, and distribute online ‘Thank You’ cards as part of the first ‘Thank-a-Teacher week’ celebration at the University of Maryland. Students sent over 1500 digital 'Thank you' cards to faculty and staff. 

A little bit about me

Boney Yeldho - Potrait

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by. 

I believe UX is about people and systems and the interactions between them. I try to understand both. You may see me sketching user flows or catch me reading API docs.

Previously I was leading design at PickleAI ( a YC startup), helping the team find product-market fit, and building the product from 0 to 1.

I had joined IBM at Emeryville, California, after completing my master's in HCI from the University of Maryland. I not only got to work on complex enterprise products and technical domains, but I was also lucky to learn a lot from the collective experience of our huge IBM design family. 

Before that, I worked part-time as a designer. In my previous life, I co-founded a lighting company while working full time as a Network engineer.

I am actively seeking full-time Product Design opportunities. So if you are looking for a systems thinker who is comfortable with complex or technical products, I am your guy.

Please send me a nice email or hit me up on LinkedIn.
Email: boney838@gmail.com